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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just the way you are - 4 DGs

I don't post anything here since ages. but today I can't help myself but to share my late friend's master piece here for her absence leaves thousands memories to be remembered. 

The poem below was written by my late best friend, Tengku Norien Azmira bt Tengku Zolzan in August 2012. al-fatihah for her, the great poet I've ever met. 

Just the way you are - 4 DGs

She doesn't need reason to laugh (pari2)
She can cry cause of one word (dream)
She can smile when she look up the sky (bulat3)
She can get angry cause of my silly mistakes (mika)

She can be hardworking and lazy at the same time (mika)
She just cannot stop talking (bulat3)
She can keep complaining (pari2)
She can keep silent (dream)
But,she can be so beautiful (4 DGs)

Just the way,
She respond to the world
Just the way
She act honestly to her friends
She can be so beautiful
When she keep being herself
Without changing a bit

She is the perfect friend
And she is 'Pari2', 'Bulat3', 'Mika' and 'Dream'
We can find sister, little sister, friend, family
And even a mother on those hearts
Friend till Jannah, promise =)

(cielo zunnurein, I learn from mistakes)

the photo above was posted along with this master piece. this photo has deep meaning and only four of us know what it is and which character we are in. 

p.s : May ALLAH grant her jannah. till we meet again in Jannah dear friend. I will always be missing you. al-fatihah (11/09/1992-23/08/2014). 

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